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In Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, he slips up, and his secret is revealed first to Dr.Saroyan, and then to the rest of the team (and the audience). In The Devil in the Details, Vaziri says he served as a military translator in Iraq, where he killed an insurgent while defending his life after surviving an IED. What is not explained is why Vaziri, from Iran, would serve as an interpreter in Iraq.

Talking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph, Dr Khan ends his 11-year public silence over their friendship, following incorrect media speculation last week that he is to give evidence to the inquest into her death via a video link from his homeland.

This article will try to address some common questions about sex & marriage by presenting a compilation of different ahadith, quranic ayahs, and scholarly statements on the etiquettes of sex.

Q1: Is Sex and relationships before marriage allowed in Islam?

Note that we don’t promote romance before marriage with these beautiful photos.

It’s a sin to engage in so called ‘affairs’ or romance before marriage.


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