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These voice commands can then be used to open a malicious URL or download a fraudulent app, putting your smartphone at risk.

A video from the researchers showed that a voice command could be changed so much that human ears could not understand it, but a smartphone could.

As part of the operation, security researchers and the FBI teamed up to dismantle the Kelihos botnet itself, targeting three domains used to run the network—gorodkoff.com, goloduha.info, and combach.com—and redirecting traffic from infected computers to new servers controlled by authorities and the Shadow Server Foundation, a volunteer anti-cybercrime group, a process that’s known in cybersecurity circles as “sink-holing.”The arrest of Levashov—and the complex, sophisticated assault on his long-running botnet—marked another victory in the US government’s rising war against Russian aggression in cyberspace, coming just weeks after another Justice Department indictment charged both Russian criminals and intelligence officer with conspiring to hack Yahoo’s user database.

If you ask any malware analyst these days, they'll tell you they come across countless of useless or unfinished malware variants on a daily basis.

world’s most notorious spammers appears to have been tripped up by a basic cybersecurity no-no, according to the FBI: He used the same log-in credentials to both run his criminal enterprise and also log into sites like i Tunes.A new tool recently emerged that can decipher what you’re typing when using Skype.It listens to a user’s type patterns and eventually learns the sound of each key.Security experts have found that the voice activation services included in an increasing number of modern devices can be hijacked by criminals using online videos.The research, by professors at Georgetown University and the University of California, Berkeley, found that even severely muffled or distorted audio can be disguised to affect devices. If you show perhaps iroffer running as nobody or as webserver user, which makes your claims MUCH more credible, you are only making yourself look like a tool with "12 years" of "web security" experience.


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