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Besides being notorious characters, they all happened to be part of the Sunset Skins, a predominantly Puerto Rican gang of skinheads from the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn.

If you were around at that time, you were either down with them, or if you got in their way, you might have had the misfortune of being involved in violent encounters with their crew that could have been random or premeditated.

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What was different was that the violence that followed them happened within the context of the hardcore scene, an unfortunate consequence being that kids coming to shows for the music faced some serious bodily damage from people I knew and was friends with.

He is the master of transformation, and it always starts with himself.

Every day during this program, Kris will change and add techniques to help stimulate the body, prompting it to change.

I would not recommend parents taking their kids to watch this. There are a lot of cringing moments as well as funny moments.

When Calvin Klein sold his business, five years ago, he stepped off a four-decade juggernaut that harnessed obsessive perfectionism to a gut understanding of what the American body wanted. How wrong I was.” Klein’s daughter, Marci, a TV producer, couldn’t imagine her father without his label. Most people sitting courtside don’t get up and breeze over to say hi to one of the players, as Klein did with the Knicks’ Latrell Sprewell while the player was trying to inbound the ball at midcourt. off-balance” Klein grabbed Sprewell’s arm and started to chat him up, until a friend and two security men escorted Klein back to his seat.


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