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Even if you consider yourself just a casual golf fan, the 77th Annual Masters Tournament, which kicks off today at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, has enough built-in storylines since last year to keep you tuned in throughout the weekend. Reigning champion Bubba Watson (sort of) has a golf-cart hovercraft!

The club now has not one, but two female members in former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Rainwater partner Darla Moore!

Whether it's his relationship or his golf swing, nobody really knows.

Lawsuit alleges Fox News made up part of Seth Rich story An investigator claims Fox News made up quotes attributed to him suggesting a murdered Democratic official was behind the leaks of Wiki Leaks documents during...

THIS WEEK IN NATALIE GULBIS MAKING US FEEL BAD WITH HER TRAININGGulbis posted several photos of her workout routines last week: Thanks, Natalie, for being so, um, helpful.

TWEET/INSTAGRAM OF THE WEEKDressed for my date night!

You might recognize Holly Sonders from one of the network Golf Channel programs she is on including: “Morning Drive,” “Playing Lessons,” and “School of Golf.” If that is not where you can place her from, she has also graced the cover of Golf Digest!

Sonders has fast become one of the most recognized golf personalities out today, and it’s not just because she happens to be strikingly gorgeous; it’s because she can actually play the sport.


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