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i've always thought of these people as the scum of the earth and obviously insecure about their own standing in society as a whole.

none the less, i noticed this is your first posting and so i can assure you that in this community you don't have to feel alone.

I’m just saying), and the second scenario there is no possibility, but let’s say hypothetically that does happen .knows? by now I’m sure you might worrying that you’ve read many stories of gay or bisexual individuals who were shamed of their attractions, who wished that weren’t bi or gay. Let me guess asking yourself Is there a common ground here? And what do you do when you see someone from same sex?“but I’ve heard this guy or girl that I know first he was attracted with opposite sex and but later on his late twenties he was attracted to both sex, so okay so you say that one can never become gay since they have attracted to opposite sex, but I’m sure I will become gay oh god I just hope that I stay with opposite sex”.Oh and here is a good one, this one gets everybody who has hocd “ I’ve read or I know this person who left his wife or husband .. Well its not like they are shamed of their attractions or they wish they weren’t gay cause …they find those sexual thoughts toward same sex repulsive.., they are discusted by it, but it’s because due to rejection and such…Call if you need help finding treatment options for obsessive-compulsive disorder.OCD is usually diagnosed after a series of medical tests and psychological exams.Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder involving intrusive and reoccurring thoughts and actions.


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