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Each piece came with the story of the person who first wore it.

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When most people think of Berlin, they think of the wall and the horrors of WWII, but this is also a city with a long and fascinating history of art, fashion and the avant garde.

Berlin boasts a veritable treasure trove for lovers of art and antiques, and for those interested in vintage clothing – a unique, affordable and sustainable alternative to many modern labels – there is much to explore, including Toast and Jam, the famous vintage fashion fair that runs twice a year.

She tends to explain a bit too much which rather slows down the pace. She is so intelligent that mere mortals can not be in her presence.

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Ms Smith’s collection began with her godmother – Pennsylvanian Quaker Doris Darnell – in the 1930s.She is living proof that with passion and enthusiasm you can rise to the very top. She is professional, productive, and incredibly talented. Jan Cornall Jan was the very first person I did a writing course with. Lee Lin Chin Queen of Australian television, and she beat Wonder Woman in a fistfight once.Whenever I think about the fact that she hasn’t been picked up by a publisher I just want to give up on writing. She opened my eyes to organisation and self belief. The UN initially approached her to make this day about them but she just maced them and kept on walking.Above: Possibly the most beautiful 1940s shoe I have ever seen. This shop is immaculately organised and very affordable.Without much time to spare, you can find a perfect vintage dress on their well displayed racks, and leave having spent under 50 Euros. Above: Immaculate racks at Mimi make the perfect – and affordable – dress easy to find. Spitze Suarezstraße 53, 14057 Berlin Last but certainly not least, make sure you visit Spitze, nestled amongst the fascinating antique shops of Suarezstraße.Canadian-Australian author and former model Tara Moss led a 1950s catwalk at the Mining Exchange on Saturday.


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