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You simply need to know who you are and which category best fits you.Unlike the small subset of men and women who work too much because they simply love their job (I know, I know), the vast majority of men and women who work too much have more dysfunctional motivations. If you have a joke that you think everybody would like to readthen post it here. Or at least kept her dating life from impacting her boys by only dating when they were with their Dad. Capricorn Secret Desire is to be admired by their family and friends and the world at large. Our experts offer dating and relationship advice for women workaholics.

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So dating us can be a challenge for anybody who’s a little more relaxed and laid back.I don't have to or like to talk/text whatever everyday, makes me feel smothered and my life really isn't that eventful that I have something to talk about everyday.I'm not sure who you're referring to there I work 70hour weeks because I want to, if I had a partner who couldn't handle that I'd choose my job over my Love life...But if they phrase it carefully I can be coaxed to spend more time at home or with them.Love, Eva i'd rather he not work far away that's all.if he worked he works at home and that's good for me.


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